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​Retiring My Clinical Practice

Dear Friend,

It has been my great privilege to be able to minister to you over the last seven years. Recently it has come to my attention that the scope of practice for Naturopathic Doctors in the state of New Jersey has changed. As a result of this I will be retiring from my practice immediately. 

As I look forward, I will continue to share my knowledge of nutrition through my newsletter, blogs and public speaking. I will also support and distribute the products and supplements of NeoLife and Nutramedix. If you need any products or advice on a nutritional product, please send an email to

For those of you that want to continue Naturopathic care, I highly recommend you contact Susan Ventrella, DO, ND. We have been colleagues for several years and her philosophy about health and well-being is similar to mine. She has a practice that is based in Elmer, NJ,  and you can learn more about Dr. Susan Ventrella by going to her website.

Thank you for trusting in my care over these years.

In Christ's Service,
Liz Moore CNC, CNHP, ND, CGP